We're a West Virginia company specializing in timber frame houses.

Our timbers have a lifetime guarantee -- built to outlast you by at least 500 years! more

 We focus on quality and
 pride ourselves on craftsmanship. Each timber frame we create offers fine handcrafted details, like traditional hand-cut joinery along with mortise and tenon joinery pinned with oak pegs.

Accents? Hand-hewn mantels, hybrid frames with conventional framing, timber trusses for log cabins, and much more.

We create our own wall and roof panels or use panels of your choice.

Reproductions, additions, great rooms, trophy rooms, green-houses, conventional walls ... the possibilities are simply endless! more

Want quality craftsmanship? Let us create your dream home with traditional timber framing combined with modern insulation technology using Nudora brand ICF basement construction.

We offer whole-house, partial hybrid or whole-frame designs for all your needs. Our hybrids incorporate timber framing into your new or existing home. more

Ever seen a timber frame home go up? It's impressive. Take a moment to visit our photo gallery.
Drop us an email or give us a call for information, price quotes, and design consultation. more